The Best Toys for Kids for Christmas 2020

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All the hottest new Christmas toys for kids of all ages

Christmas is always an exciting time of year. In 2020, the holiday season will be even more special. It’s been a hard year for families all over the country, and Christmas 2020 is the perfect time for everyone to come together to share good times. 

Gift giving is still an important facet of celebrating Christmas. A great gift lets loved ones know that we are really thinking about their needs and desires. For kids, gifts can open up a world of interest, and a lifetime of hobbies.

At Factory Buys, we understand that sometimes things are tight. It’s been a year of economic and social turmoil. We know how important Christmas is to you. That’s why we offer a range of discounted toys for kids, marked down from their original retail price. When you buy from us, you can afford to keep everyone happy, while giving them great presents that will last them years.

From simple but fun playsets for the little ones, to fully electric ride on vehicles, Factory Buys has kids’ toys to make Christmas 2020 an absolute cracker. Browse through our range and buy now for discounted prices and fast shipping around Australia.

Here are our picks for the best toys for kids for Christmas 2020. To learn more about our shipping and returns details, visit our website, or get in touch with a friendly customer service team member today.



Let’s get started with the youngest members of the family. Kids’ playsets are a great foundation for inspiring imaginative play inside and outside the home. With soft, plastic toys and miniature workstations, playsets allow children to take on many roles. The only limit is their expansive imagination. Here are some of our favourites:

  • Kitchen playsets allow children to put on their chef’s hat and create marvelous imaginary dishes without the dangers of heat and pressure.
  • For the budding fashionistas, makeup play desks are the perfect setting for dress ups and accessorising.
  • Sand and water play tables promote creativity and experimentation with a range of natural elements found at the beach or in the garden.

We also have a range of storage boxes, table and chair sets, and sandpits - setting the scene for playtime.

wooden play set christmas present for kids

Inflatable water toys

Nothing beats a hot, Australian Christmas. 2020 is heating up, so why not get your kids some great inflatable water toys? They can be used in the pool, at the beach, or at the lake - anywhere there is a nice body of water. These quality inflatable toys can bring the water alive like nothing else.

For families without ready access to the coast or pool, our range of inflatable pools offer a cool place to escape the summer heat.

inflatable water toy christmas present

Sports toys

All parents share a common goal - to completely and utterly wear their children out by the end of the day. Factory Buys has a range of sports toys and activities to not only render them exhausted, but to give them the tools and experience for sporting success in the future.

  • For children wanting to be ‘like Mike’ (or more appropriately in 2020, like LeBron), our basketball hoops are adjustable and sturdy.
  • Foosball tables scale down the game of soccer - a winning choice for big kids and little kids alike.
  • For those who like to bounce around, our trampolines offer safe, enclosed play spaces.

We even have training equipment that can double as both toys and training aids. This versatile net can become a badminton, tennis, soccer, or volleyball arena.


Ride on toys

For high-octane fun (without the octane), ride on toys for kids are a popular choice for toys for Christmas in 2020. These beautiful ride on vehicles look just like their full-sized counterparts, and offer a safe place for children to experience the thrill of automoting for the first time,

All ride on toys from Factory Buys come with a full warranty. They have been tested to the highest specifications to ensure that they are safe and comfortable for children to enjoy on a variety of surfaces.

electric ride on car gift for kids christmas

For all of these great toys, and more, visit Factory Buys. We have everything you need to pull off the perfect Christmas. Buy online now to save, and enjoy fast shipping around Australia.

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