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Upright 100L Caravan Bar Fridge Freezer

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Upright 2-in-1 100L Caravan Bar Fridge Freezer Stainless Steel

This 2-in-1 fridge freezer is ideal for travelling or even just at home. It has a capacity of 100 litres, and runs on 12V, 24V, or 240V. Made with a Danfoss compressor, ensuring a quiet and efficient cooling system. Treat yourself today.

* 2 in 1 Fridge and Freezer
* Anti-fingerprint stainless shell
* Danfoss Compressor 
* Connects to 12V, 24V or 240V 
* Huge capacity: 100L
* Simple to use control panel
* Simple to use temperature controller 
* Overload protection
* Auto low battery protection
* Power reverse connect protection
* Automatic cut-off system with customisable voltage setting
* Heavy duty handles and connections
* SAA approved plug and adaptor

* Total capacity: 100L
* Freezer capacity: 26L
* Fridge capacity: 74L
* Refrigerant: R134a, 55g
* Foam vesicant: C5H10/C-pentane
* Temperature drop: 40 - 50°C
* AC voltage: AC100-120V/ 220-240V/ 50-60Hz
* Rated power: 55W
* Freezer temperature setting range:-18°C - 0°C
* Fridge temperature setting range: 0°C - 10°C
* Classification of climate: T, ST, N, SN
* Consumption of energy: 0.41kWh/24hrs
* Overall dimensions: 96.5 x 44.6 x 48cm

Package Contents
1 x 100L Fridge & Freezer
1 x User Manual

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