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Armchair and Ottoman - Grey


RRP $440.86
French Lorraine Chair Retro Wing - Grey


RRP $348.46
Armchair and Ottoman - Light Grey


RRP $440.86
Fabric Dining Armchair Beige


RRP $326.06
French Lorraine Chair Retro Wing - Black


RRP $348.46
Fabric Reclining Arm Chair - Grey


RRP $559.86
Faux Leather Armchair Recliner - Black


RRP $559.86
Lorraine Armchair - Grey


RRP $310.66
Fabric Dining Armchair - Beige


RRP $223.86
Fabric Dining Armchair Black and Grey


RRP $221.06
Fabric Tub Lounge Armchair - Beige


RRP $445.06
Abby Fabric Armchair - Grey


RRP $390.46
Aston Tub Accent Chair Charcoal


RRP $445.06

Amazing armchairs for sale

Check out these astronomical armchairs online

Can you imagine a world without armchairs? Where would we sit, for reading, conversation, and television watching purposes? Why, in a world without armchairs, we'd all have to either lie on couches (which is fine for sometimes, but a little too casual on other occasions) or just sit down on the floor like a peasant.

Thankfully, we live in a universe in which armchairs exist. And, additionally, we also live in a country where comfortable, stylish, affordable armchairs are readily available on Factory Buys. Read on to find out about the armchairs we sell, and perhaps even consider buying an armchair online.

Buy armchairs in all sizes and styles

People come in different sizes, and so, therefore, must their armchairs. We have big armchairs for big people, small armchairs for little people (like small children and the Veronicas), and even big armchairs for little people and little armchairs for big people (if, for whatever reason, that's how you want to play it).

That's sizes taken care of, but what about styles? Well, you'll be happy to know that we've got great styles to choose from as well. From traditional style armchairs to contemporary modern arm chairs, there's something to suit every aesthetic impulse conceivable.

Armchairs in Australia, delivered to you

Nothing is worse than trying to fit an armchair into a car, or onto public transport, or even carrying the armchair back from the store on your own legs. There is an easier, better way. Just buy an armchair from Factory Buys, and we will have your armchair delivered to your home. That way, it'll be easier logistically, and easier on your arms.

Affordable armchairs? It's true!

You might be living under the misapprehension that armchairs are all enormously expensive, and that you'll never be able to afford one. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. While, assuredly, armchairs can be expensive, they don't have to be. You can get a lovely, comfortable armchair for a very low price, if you know where to look.

And, as it happens, you do know where to look, because you're already looking at it. Cheap armchairs are available right here on this very website. Check out the massive range of armchairs for sale. There's sure to be something suitable for your budget.



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