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Kids Ride on Vehicles

From go carts to mini bikes and cars, your kids will have lots of fun choices when it comes to the Factory Buys range of ride on vehicles. The excitement of having their own battery powered ride on toys will make your children feel grownup just like mom and dad. A great choice for Christmas or birthdays, your child will get hours of enjoyment out of pretending to be a race car driver, a motorcyclist or even a construction worker.

We think every kid in Australia should get the chance to play pretend, so we offer our range of ride on vehicles at some amazing prices that no toy store can compete with. Starting from under $60, we help every family give their little ones a gift they’ll love for years.

Something for every little driver

Our battery powered and pedal powered ride on toys are available in a range of awesome colours. Some of the most popular makes of car are available, and you’ll even find sized-down replicas of famous and classic vehicles in our range, including the Ford Ranger, the Jeep Wrangler, and the Mercedes AMG, so they can drive a car just like mummy and daddy’s.

We also offer a range of novelty vehicles including Harley Davidson tricycles, police motorbikes, excavators, bulldozers and other heavy vehicles. You’ll also find branded models from some of their favourite TV shows and movies such as Big Hero 6.

Whatever they want to do and whoever they want to be, find the perfect gift in our kids and baby’s range, giving you an easy, affordable option for any special occasion. Take a look at our range today and find something they’re guaranteed to love. 

Creating beautiful homes

Factory Buys makes it simple to get the very best for every room in your home, providing a range of interior and exterior furniture, as well as pet supplies, fire pits and more.

Order today and take advantage of our fast, low cost shipping, or get in touch with any questions via email at and get the information you need to make an informed choice. 



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