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Vibration Plates & Fitness Machines

Get fit the fun way! Factory Buys is proud to offer a huge collection of fitness machines and vibration plates for sale in our store, helping you give your body the exercise it needs to perform at its very best. A fantastic complement to traditional exercise methods such as weightlifting, cycling, swimming or cardio, these machines are ideal for cross-training, helping you strengthen muscles not used in other parts of your exercise regimen.

We’re proud to offer some of the lowest prices on these machines on the market. Health isn’t something that you should have to pay through the nose to keep, so we ensure that our range is always affordable. Whether you’re looking to train your balance or tone your muscles, there’s something here to help you achieve your fitness goals. Take a look at our range today and discover why so many health-conscious individuals choose Factory Buys.

Something to help you achieve every fitness goal

Factory Buys offers a diverse range of health products, helping you to target different parts of your body and improve different aspects of your fitness. We’re proud to bring you some of the most advanced, carefully manufactured vibration plates on the market. Offering real granularity with up to 99 different levels of intensity, our collection of vibration plate exercise machines is perfect for anyone looking for more control over their workout.

Make a small investment with big results and choose the BOSU Trainer Ball set, helping you enhance your balance, flexibility and cardiovascular performance. Perfect as part of a speciality training regimen such as injury recovery or preparing for a triathlon, it’s the weapon of choice for so many who are looking to get that extra bit of performance out of themselves.

Helping you live a more beautiful life

Factory Buys has something for every day and every space. Whether you’re decorating a home, looking for gifts for the kids, or hunting for the latest gadgets and electronics, our catalogue is bound to impress.

Browse our range and place your order today for fast, affordable delivery, or get in touch via email at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.



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