Benefits of Air Fryers - Why Every Home Should Have One

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We’ve all seen the rise of the humble air fryer saturate the home cooking world over the past few years.


The question on everyone's mind – are they worth it? Long story short, yes! They most definitely are. It's not that an air fryer is particularly special, but it can be inexpensive, convenient, and whip-up just about anything fresh or frozen as a quick meal.


Let’s look at three solid reasons why you should head out and purchase an air fryer this week!


Fast and Simplified Cooking At Its Best


There are thousands of recipes online for fast and easy food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We all want everything to be quicker and easier than it already is. An air fryer keeps cooking speedy and straightforward in multiple ways.


First, it takes an air fryer no more than a couple of minutes to preheat, unlike an oven where preparation steps feel like an eternity. The actual cooking process is significantly faster than in a conventional oven as well.


For example, chicken nuggets for the kids after school might usually take thirty minutes to preheat and cook in the oven. A quality air fryer would have your kids satisfied and whinge-free within about 10 minutes total.


Not only is it a simple, time-saving option, but it also makes cleaning a breeze post-meal, and we all know how much of a drag that can be when it comes to cooking for the family.


You’ll pour your blood, sweat and tears into preparing a likely underappreciated home-cooked meal, only to be left with the dreaded clean-up afterwards too.


Air fryers feature a single basket where all the food is arranged and cooked. This container requires just a spritz of oil in the bottom to stop any stick, and that’s it!


Using such a tiny amount of oil and space means that when it comes to cleaning up, it's a one-task job of wiping the basket with a paper towel or a clean, damp cloth, and just like that, it's ready for future use. 


It’s a Much Cleaner, Healthier Cooking Method


Rather than ingesting buckets of oil each day deep frying and drenching your food with liquid rubbish, an air fryer doesn't ask much of you in terms of cooking lubrication. A tiny spray of oil or even none at all will see your food cooked evenly and browned to perfection depending on the recipe.


The oil in an air fryer circulates with hot air, leaving it distributed over your food in miniscule amounts using just enough to cook it to the specific levels of tenderness and crispness you desire in fried food. Cooking in an air fryer is still frying food. So remember that it’s still your job to research your recipes to make healthy choices when deciding what to prepare.


They’re Ultra-Family-Friendly


As we’ve discussed earlier, time is an essential factor in our lives and we need to conserve it wisely where we can. Few of us have time to craft a highly-luxurious meal for the family each day with many busy professionals, parents and young people ever-searching for easier options.


You can understand why we like to reiterate the benefit of using such time-efficient machines. An air fryer can slice cooking times in half compared to a conventional oven. Not only is time of the essence, but if you have kids you definitely don't need to be told how fussy they can be.


Oftentimes even after a wonderfully prepared meal with all the good stuff included, all the kids yearn for is chicken and fries. An air fryer is an exceptionally convenient option that's an absolute lifesaver amidst these situations.


Another handy and highly sought-after attribute of air fryers is that there are various size options available. Whether you’re a family of two or six, we guarantee there's a suitably sized air fryer to suit. Air fryers tend to get warm on the exterior but not enough to be unsafe or scold unsuspecting kids. The appliance stays moderately hot while in use, but despite being 200 degrees Celsius inside, does not pose as an immediate danger on its outside like some other kitchen appliances.


Consider a kettle or an oven hob. These can both be quite problematic for families, especially for unwary children. An air fryer provides a settling reassurance for your family's safety in every kitchen setting.


Every home should have an air fryer. You’ll cut your cooking and cleaning time exponentially while promoting a healthier lifestyle right from your very own cooking space.


A premium quality air fryer will also provide you with a sure-fire backup option for when your kids refuse to eat what you've lovingly prepared. With a bit of a browse and a little online research, we guarantee there's an air fryer to suit your kitchen and family dynamic.


Thousands of recipes have been trialled and perfected since day one of the air fryer’s introduction. Whether it’s kid-friendly fry-ups or more intriguing and challenging one-offs, this multi-purpose, ingenious bit of cookware is a must-have for those exploring the experimental realm of modern food preparation.


You never know; your new favourite could be a delicious vegetarian schnitzel or tasty shrimp spring rolls!


Happy frying!


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