Where to Buy the Best Cheap Christmas Decorations

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This year has been unpredictable for all of us, and it's safe to say that most of us are pleased to see it coming to an end. With that said, the holiday season is nearly upon us, and there’s nothing quite like some festive cheer to put a joyful spin on 2020. 

Decorating the house for Christmas is a lot of fun and it brings the household together. However, it’s usually quite pricey to turn your decorating dreams into reality. With the year we’ve all had, we believe that everyone deserves to brighten up their home with the best cheap Christmas decorations on the market. Who said that festive cheer has to come at a steep price? 

As such, we’ve put together this guide of where to buy the best cheap Christmas decorations near you: 


The Best Cheap Christmas Trees 

You simply can’t have Christmas without a beautiful Christmas tree. A big green Christmas tree is the perfect centre piece for the living room, and of course, is the only appropriate place to put your Christmas presents! 

Here are some of the best cheap Christmas trees on the market: 

cheap christmas tree


LED Light-Up Christmas Tree 

Did you know that you can get light-up Christmas trees? Forget about the tangled string lights in your decorations box. Try out one of these stunning light-up Christmas trees that come in various sizes. 

Take a look at this 1.24m Christmas Tree with multi-coloured lights! Adding this humble tree to your living room won’t take up a lot of space, but it will bring your lounge to life with its colourful twinkling fibres. 

Or, you can try this larger option, standing at an impressive 2.4m tall! This Optic Fibre Christmas Tree also sports multi-coloured lights and brings joy to just about any space. 

What about something more abstract, but equally as beautiful? This LED Willow Tree references the festive tradition of trees and lights but puts a modern spin on it. 

LED light up christmas tree


Traditional Christmas Trees 

We also have a collection of traditional Christmas trees, that is, without the LED lights. You can customise the look and feel of your tree by browsing some of the other Christmas decorations below. 

Our Christmas trees don’t look sad and sparse like some other store-bought options. Our 1.8m Green Christmas Tree, for example, stands tall and looks fluffy and full. 

A more contemporary option is available in white, too, for those who want to create a winter wonderland in their living room. The Jingle Jolly’s Christmas Tree in white is a snowy staple for the stylish home.


Beautiful and Cheap Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are probably everyone’s favourite part of the festive period. Increasingly popular in interior design, fairy lights introduce a whimsical and calming element to any space. 

Like Christmas decorations, cheap fairy lights come in a range of colours, shapes and lengths to suit your idea of a well-decorated room. 

You can get cheap Christmas string lights that are 50m long and wrap them around your home verandah or staircase. Alternatively, add some magic to the conference room and cafeteria at work! 

You could also hang some String Waterfall Fairy Lights around the home or workplace to introduce a festive feeling in a less obvious way. The abstract placement and flowing strands feel a lot more elegant and mesmerising, don’t you think? 

What about covering an entire wall in a Mesh Net of Christmas lights? Create the perfect backdrop for your family photos or work party snaps by draping the next across a blank wall. Make it the photo booth for the day by placing decorations in front of it, or make it a centrepiece by serving food and drinks on decorated tables in front of it! 

christmas decoration LED lights


Cute Inflatable Christmas Decorations for Home and Work 

A couple of inflatable Christmas decorations can add a whole lot of personality to the workplace or an outdoor event. Have your guests walk through a Giant Inflatable Archway (manned by Santa and his trusty Snowman) to enter the building. 

If you’re looking for more of an accent piece, you could place the Inflatable Santa and Reindeer Sleigh in the centre of a room. It would also look great in amongst stalls at a Christmas market to intrigue the kids. 

inflatable christmas decorations santa sled


Best Cheap Christmas Decorations for Outdoors 

Walking around the neighbourhood to find the best outdoor Christmas displays is always a fun way to pass the festive evenings. Whether you want to compete with your neighbours or jazz up your workplace without taking up too much space, we’ve got the best cheap Christmas decorations to help. 

A “traditional” Sleigh and Reindeer LED display is always a hit. It’s reminiscent of Santa’s arrival to the house. Didn’t you hear the hooves on the roof? Let’s hope you’re on the “nice” list this year! 

outdoor christmas LED lights reindeer


For those who like to celebrate the history of Christmas, there are some great decorations available. This Nativity Scene LED Display depicts the famous scene that means a lot to many people across the world. 


Browse our range of Christmas decorations

All in all, the best cheap Christmas decorations are not that hard to find. Factory Buys is an affordable online retailer that is Australian owned and stocked. You can rest assured that these cheap Christmas decorations will serve you well, without breaking the bank. 

Check out the website for all the best Aussie products on the market. Factory Buys can’t be beaten when it comes to good products for a great value.

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