Mattress Topper - King Single

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The Best Range of King Single Mattress Toppers

If you have a king single mattress, you should invest in a king single mattress topper. A king single mattress topper is a great option for extending the life of your mattress, changing the way your mattress feels, keeping you comfortable in heat or cold, keeping your mattress clean and fresh, and saving you money! Here at Factory Buys, we have a huge range of king single mattress toppers including microfibre and bamboo options. Check out our range today or consult with a member of our friendly and professional staff to figure out which king single mattress topper is right for you!

Benefits Of A King Single Mattress Topper

A king single mattress topper should be your first stop if you’re trying to save some money. Buying a new mattress is expensive, and is unfortunately inevitable. Mattresses degrade over time, due to the skin oil and sweat that you naturally produce while laying on them. Tiny microbes and bacteria feast on these secretions, and while they do so, they eat the mattress that they’ve soaked into. When your mattress degrades enough, you’ll have to replace it. You can postpone this expensive purchase with a king single mattress topper! By putting a barrier between your body and your mattress, you can keep the oil and sweat away from your mattress, and if your mattress topper gets dirty, you can throw it in the wash! That’s so much easier than cleaning or replacing a whole mattress. You can save money and feel fresher and cleaner while you rest with one simple purchase.

King Single Mattress Topper Materials

A king single mattress topper can also increase your comfort. Whether you live in a hot climate or a cold climate, there is a king single mattress topper to suit you. Our bamboo and microfibre king single mattress toppers are also great options, because they wick sweat away from the body, keeping you dry and cosy. The bamboo king single mattress toppers have an added benefit, as they are antimicrobial. Remember those creepy crawlies we mentioned earlier? Bamboo naturally kills a bunch of those! This means the lifespan of your king single mattress topper will be extended, which will increase the lifespan of your mattress even further! Talk about value for money.

We also have waterproof king single mattress toppers which ideal for those of us who are prone to spilling things, or with children who are prone to overnight accidents. They another great way to keep your mattress clean and fresh and avoid having to replace the entire mattress in the event of a spill!

Mattress Toppers By Size

Factory Buys is ready to help you find comfort in any space, we sell mattress toppers for all bed! Check out our range below:

Check out the Factory Buys range to find the perfect king single mattress topper to suit your needs today. We are proud to stock a huge selection of king single mattress toppers, and our staff have the patience and expertise to help you find the king single mattress topper that you need to get the perfect night’s rest. You can have sweet dreams and quiet, comfy nights, with the purchase of one of our excellent king single mattress toppers. Don’t hesitate to reach out!



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